What Schools are Online Teachers Working for in May 2022?

Following up after the recent poll on The TeachersXchange Facebook Group.

It’s interesting to see that most of the Teachers in this group are either Freelancing or working for Create a profile schools.

This is a big change since the China shutdown, in the past Freelancers were the minority. The policies in china and the closure of the mega schools created a lot of opportunities for those who can market themselves.

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The most popular Create a profile school was AMAZING TALKER, closely followed by ITALKI, I am guessing this is due to AMAZING TALKER having a faster and easier onboarding process. In my opinion, Italki is the better create a profile platform.

Interested in a Create a Profile school? Read my recent blog reviewing the different options

With Companies, most Teachers were working for Likeshou and Latinhire

Both are schools that seem to offer teachers lots of hours with low entry requirments and a fast onboarding process but at a lower rate

Other popular schools were
English Gang
Based in Thailand English Gang is a smaller sized Online school with a fair rate of pay and
SkyEng – A russian School

Cambly – A popular Flexible free talk platform with students all around the world but with low rates: $10.20 per hour

Other Schools mentioned were:
English Ninjas

Carrot Global
Tak 915

Academy Online


EF(English First)

If you are looking for an Online Teaching Job it may be useful to use this list of schools as a place to start researching and applying.

Good Luck

The TeachersXchange Team

No affiliate links have been included, please google search and do your own due-diligence

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  1. I am excited to have the opportunity again to work with little students. I really am looking forward to be part of your team as soon as I have everything in order