The secrets to becoming a teacherpreneur….all of them do this!

In this week’s show from popular Youtuber ‘Online Teacher Dude’ , he shares common things that he sees successful Teacherpreneurs doing. He also shows you how he personally implemented these things into his own Teaching business. Online Teacher dude was able to use these tricks to replace his teaching income, work less and earn more.

The secrets to becoming a Teacherpreneur….all of them do this!

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ESL China Update: Three Months On

It`s been three months since the shock announcement by the Chinese government in July, effectively banning foreign teachers from teaching from outside China. Since then many online teachers’ lives have been turned upside down as they contemplated their next move.
Some held tightly to the raft, waiting for the bitter end, many chose to jump ship before it sank; joining the mass exodus to other companies or branching out on their own, and others tried desperately to maintain contact with their former students, hoping to continue classes and maintain the bond they had formed over the years. Let`s look at some of the recent developments and examine where we go from here.


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