If you can’t figure it all out after this

If you can’t figure it all out after this…well…The point being, THIS IS A GREAT COURSE! I love the short point by point video presentations. I love the extras. I love the comprehensiveness of the content and the direct fashion it’s presented in. There isn’t anything I’m wondering about…AND with online groups for support, I am certain I’ll get any assistance when I do have questions. This is


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  1. This is so great for me as I am interested in living and working overseas and teaching English was my dream job. Now, I know I can make that dream a reality. Fraser is so easy to learn from and he feels more like a friend explaining something to you in a helpful straightforward way. Thank you so much, Fraser…What a wonderful course you have created. 5 STARs and worth the cost in every way! If this is your dream job for a while or forever, TAKE THIS COURSE.

    1. Getting feedback like this makes the time I put into the course all worth it! sometimes I worry I come across a little too Informal or unprofessional in my videos but I just like to be real. Feel free to contact me through Udemy if you have any questions or need any help while working through the course! 😀