DS Video Productions is a creative content provider. We produce video, audio, and photo content for teachers and small businesses at a reasonable price. Our video services include 2D & 3D animation, video editing, green screen FX, and multi-lingual subtitles, video course creation and marketing. Audio services include voice-overs, translations, sound FX, copywriting, & script writing. Photo services include thumbnail creation, 2D & 3D photo enhancement and background removal.

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Virtual Business Cards for Teachers


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Virtual Business Cards from DS Video Productions can increse your chances of getting the teaching job you want. For best service on this product please cantact Darryl@DSVP to talk about your order.



Virtual Business Cards from DS Video productions are a great way to introduce yourself as a teacher to prospective parents and students for online classes. If you use social media platforms such as WeChat, parents are 50% more likely to share an eye catching virtual business card than just sharing your contact information alone. These custom cards can include all your information with any text, colors, backgrounds, languages, QR code, or images. Act now to get your stunning virtual business cards.
Link to product video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBJSmIZwac8&t=6s
Link to DSVP website here: https://dsvideoproductions.blogspot.com
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