DS Video Productions is a creative content provider. We produce video, audio, and photo content for teachers and small businesses at a reasonable price. Our video services include 2D & 3D animation, video editing, green screen FX, and multi-lingual subtitles, video course creation and marketing. Audio services include voice-overs, translations, sound FX, copywriting, & script writing. Photo services include thumbnail creation, 2D & 3D photo enhancement and background removal.

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Custom Made Avatars for your Teaching


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Custom Made Avatars for all your digital needs. For best service, please contact Darryl@DSVP to talk about your custom order.



Do you need a custom made Avatar that looks like you? DS Video Productions can create custom Avatars for all your digital needs. Avatars can be used for your online school or business as watermarks, subscription links, hotspots, marketing, in courses, and company logos. Just send us a headshot that you would like to create the Avatar from or if you want a more detailed Avatar, DSVP can schedule a video conference to create your Avatar in real time. Contact Darryl@DSVP if you have any questions at the important links below. Just copy and past in your browser.

Link to product video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XzzasAX3Ug&t=2s
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DS Video Productions is your All-in-One solution for creative content. Video, Audio, and Photo content for all your digital needs. Course content & intro videos for teachers. Voice-overs & copywriting in any language. Photo enhancement for your social media campaigns.