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Nouns Lesson 1 – PPT and worksheets


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The single lesson PPT PDF on Nouns Lesson 1 – PPT only’ is for beginner students. Students learn how to identify and use nouns in sentences. The lesson includes worksheets for you to distribute to your students. The lesson is aimed at beginner English students from the ages of 5 to 10. This is a half an hour lesson but can be extended to one hour.

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The ‘Nouns Lesson 1 – PPT and worksheets’ lesson is great for brick-and-mortar teachers who have access to a smart board or projector. It can also be used by private online teachers.
The PPT (21 slides) is in PDF format and includes worksheets. This is a single lesson from a 3-lesson unit. You may also like to purchase the whole unit ‘Nouns Unit – 3 PPT lessons and worksheets’.
You will receive the following:
Nouns (21 slides)
– Students learn how to identify nouns using the senses
– Students learn how to identify nouns as people, places, animals or things
– Students learn how to use nouns in their own sentences.

2 packs of worksheets per lesson linked to the lesson for your students (4 worksheets per worksheet pack)
– option of a worksheet with a colour background or no background
– answer sheet

This is a half an hour lesson but can be extended to one hour.

Please note that this product is for classroom use only (brick-and-mortar or online). You do not have the license to copy or distribute this material. However, you may distribute the worksheets to multiple students.


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Teacher Nikki is the designer and head teacher for Teacher on Call. She has 15 years classroom experience teaching English and 3 years online experience teaching ESL. Many of her classroom students were ESL students, which allowed her to gain a better understanding of how language is acquired in the classroom. Her lessons are designed from experience and the understanding of how ESL students learn.