Teacher Website

I will make you a Teacher Website that accepts wechat pay and credit cards from around the world
for Only $100

Preview an Example Website at www.FindOnlineTeacher.com/Frazer

$100 One Time Payment

*I will only be creating websites during May and June and may have to stop if I get too many requests so get started now


Any questions Email Founder@TeachersXchange.com

How do I recieve Money from Students

Paypal, Bank Transfer or Wise

Once your student makes a payement it goes into our Payment gateway account. They pay out every 7 days. As soon as we receive it in our account we will send it you

What are the Fees?

Our Payment gateway takes between 1 and 3 percent depending on the price and payment method used. we take a 5 percent commission to process each payment

What if I need to change my profile

No problem

Your website is for life or as long as you need it. If you want to make any changes simply make a request, it's Free

How do students book a class

We will link your page to your favorite calendar (callendly, simplybook etc) you can sync this with your google/Apple calendar, Your students can then view your availability and request a class